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Standards for Health Services in Jails (2018)

Description: NCCHC’s nationally recognized standards lay the foundation for constitutionally acceptable health services and can help jails improve health services delivery. The standards address seven general areas: (1) governance and administration; (2) health promotion, safety, and disease prevention; (3) personnel and training; (4) ancillary health care services; (5) patient care and treatment; (6) special needs and services; and (7) medical-legal issues.

Developed by experts in health, law and corrections, this edition has been revised to reflect best practices for quality, efficiency and safety. It also has been streamlined and simplified to make it more useful. Sections were consolidated into seven categories, and introductory descriptions explain the intent of each section. Each standard has clear compliance indicators that define expected outcomes and aid in self-assessment. Glossary and index. Soft cover, approx. 180 pages.

In the 2018 editions of the Standards for Health Services manuals for jails and prisons, standard F-02 Infirmary-Level Care has an error. Compliance indicator 4 should be split into two compliance indicators as follows:
--At least daily, a supervising RN ensures that care is being provided as ordered.
--Initiation and discontinuation of infirmary-level care is by provider order.
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